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Promaxyl better than Strivectin
Matrixyl Pal-KTTKS

As a woman who devoted too much of her
youth to sunbathing and has taken up golf in her mid-fifties, I am on a constant mission to find a skin treatment that repairs prior damage, provides moisture and helps maintain a youthful and healthy appearance and elasticity

I was introduced to Promaxyl over a year ago.
At that time I was using another facial treatment, Strivectin, which was being touted as the latest wonder treatment. I have tried both products and settled on Promaxyl as the superior cream which best benefits my skin. I find that Promaxyl provides a longer lasting effect without being heavy or oily. In addition, since Promaxyl is not tinted, I never have to worry about having a cosmetic look. Finally, and most importantly, Promaxyl leaves my skin smooth, healthy, and supple – just the look my husband likes. By the way, I have seen him using it on his face after he shaves. It works for him too!

Sylvia L. Carlson
Nicasio, CA

My Skin Looks and Feels Great

As I age, I find myself searching for a product that meets my forever changing skin care needs. I found myself spending a lot of time and a lot of money on name brand products that really did not make an impact on my skin.

One day over lunch, I was introduced to a new product that my friend has been using. I immediately went home to research and order Promaxyl Intensive Deep Wrinkle Treatment. I have been using the product for several months now and I love it! My skin looks and feels great. I finally found a product that contains the latest in ingredients and really does make an impact on my skin. Finally…something that works!

Tina Goodfellow
Moorpark, CA

I Recommend Promaxyl to all of my Loyal Customers

I am a licensed and working Esthetician of 25 years, operating a successful skincare business within one of Los Angeles's top salons for nearly a decade.

I have been using Promaxyl as part of my daily skincare regime for the past two months. The results I have seen include, improved texture, tonicity and evenness of skin coloration. I attribute these notable improvements directly to the addition of Promaxyl to my daily skincare regime.

I will definitely continue to use this product daily, and look forward to recommending it to all of my loyal, wonderful clientele and students.

Thank you, Promaxyl!

Diane Marie Nastasi

Amazing Results

I have never been a skin care user, but after years of playing golf, running and enjoying the sun, I started to notice laugh lines and wrinkles around my eyes were starting to form. I have worked at a leading beer manufacturer for over 25 years and did not feel comfortable going to the department store to buy a skin care product. So, I looked in the next best place, my wife's cabinet.

A few months back my wife and I went to dinner with our neighbors. The dinner conversation soon turned to skin care. Our neighbor suggested that my wife try Promaxyl Intensive Deep Wrinkle Treatment for her stretch marks and overall skin care needs. She started using the product on her face and we immediately noticed the amazing results. I started using it on my face too. I did see a big difference in my skin as well.

Kurt Peter
Sherman Oaks, CA


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